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Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's Pray

We've been teaching Maggie to say grace at mealtimes. She has decided that we need to pray at snack time too!

Usually we have her seated in the high chair and we prepare the snacks for her on a regular plate. That gives me a bit of extra time to prepare my own dinner or snack plate. When we are all seated together at the table, we put our hands together to pray, as we say in Chinese - KAY TO. Automatically she knows to put her hands together (though she hasn't quite figured out to close her eyes yet.)

Well today I sat down to eat my snack and I totally forgot about KAY TO. She put her hands together and looked right at me, as if to remind me that we needed to pray and say thanks, even for a little bit of apple and cheerios!

How wonderful it is to teach little ones the simplest spiritual habits. Even at such a young age, they learn! Imagine how much she could be understanding about God based on what I've already told her. Actually I haven't been telling her very much or often enough! So talk to your child about God!