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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Remembering Yeh Yeh

Thank you all for joining us in the Celebration of the Life of our
dear Grandfather Paul Ng. My name is Deborah, the eldest grandchild
in the "NG - Next Generation" as he called us. And we called him Yeh Yeh.

The Loving Grandfather
I know that he loved each one of us very much because he frequently
talked about each of us to the other grandchildren.

I have to say they did a tremendous job to keep the Ng Cousins close together, despite having
spent most of our childhood on separate continents.

Each of us have special memories of Yeh Yeh. Years ago:
Faith told yeh yeh she loved him very much and she would cut her hair and give some to him because she had extra and he had none.
Jonathan once told yeh yeh he loved him very much and that's why he put a Hot Wheels car into the VCR to keep it safe in the garage. Yeh yeh reminded Jon about this many times a year, and didn’t seem to mind that actually broke the VCR!
Solomon remembers Yeh yeh picking him up from preschool and
bring him to 25cent car rides at the mall before heading home.
Joshua and Andrew spent many afternoons with Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah riding
the Star Ferry across to Tsim Sha Tsiu and looking at toys at Toys R Us.
In the more recent years, Simeon who lived in Sandstone close to yeh yeh mah mah, spent hours chatting about guy stuff with Yeh Yeh.
Enoch considers Yeh Yeh to be an excellent driver, braving snow and rain and never missing church and prayer meetings.
Elijah remembers yeh yeh building the toddler bed for him and showing him how to use tools like a real man.
Kim remembers yeh yeh always walking hand in hand with mah mah's like a forever young couple madly in love. He used to wave bye at us from the front and side windows of his house after every visit as our car pulled away slowly.
Lydia remembers his witty humour.
Andrew remembers
how Yeh yeh gave everything to the hands of God and he was so clam and peaceful with whatever comes to him

Acts 16:31 "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household."
God's love and Christian heritage was evident in Yeh Yeh's life and this influenced us deeply in many ways.

He Loved God
Yeh Yeh was a very loving family man. God was definitely number one,
but family was number close. With God's Love, his greatest hope
was that every one of his children and grandchildren would love one another.
He put priority on showing up for many milestones of our lives. He would always make time to come with us on long 12 hour family road trips even to see Solomon's graduation from military basic training in Manitoba, and all of our high school and university graduations.
He attended our weddings. <- Brian and I in 2003, Solomon and Janet in 2008, Jonathan and Alicia in 2008, and Enoch and Sarah in 2009. He got to see his great-grandchildren Maggie and AJ Tang from Ottawa, and he got to see the precious photos of his newest great-granddaughter, Leah from Winnipeg. I'm happy to see Faith come all the way back from med-school in Australia to be with us. We miss Andrew and Joshua, but I am sure they were glad to be here in December for a visit with Yeh Yeh.>

All these blessings he knew that the came from God. Whenever we would
say Thank you Yeh Yeh for something... he would always point upstairs
and say 'Do Jeh Teen Fu" (thanks to God).

The Loving Husband
We could always tell much Yeh Yeh loves Mah mah. From the early
beginnings of photography back in early 1940s he took hundreds of
pictures of Mah Mah. Treated her like a super-star. Mah Mah is
beautiful and Yeh Yeh captured it all on film. He showed us that
capturing memories on film was a wonderful way of holding the things
dear to him as a constant reminder. As Enoch puts it, we are a
generation of Canon users! Over 65 years of marriage, Yeh Yeh Mah
Mah's love for one another is an example of God's love for us. Showing
us by example to always love. It is great to see grandparents holding
hands and kissing... what a great example of true love.

And so I know Yeh Yeh really likes his fairytales too. His all time
favorite movie ever made was Walt Disney, Snow White.
He taught me to appreciate WWII classic movies and inspired my interest in WWII history. I think his favorite war
movie is the Longest Day. He was so pleased when he received a copy of the digitally remastered 60 anniversary edition of the Longest Day when it came out with added full colour. You see, he's lived so long that movies back then were still in black and white.

He fought a very strong battle since the initial emergency that
brought him to the ICU in October. Many times he walked through the valley of the shadow of death, but he told us that God was with him. His last words were to remind everyone to Love one another.

"In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have
told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you."-John 14:2. And
we have peace because we know that Yeh Yeh is with the Heavenly Father