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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earth Day Recycle Space Craft

My daughter was born on Earth Day. This year she was very excited about the Earth Day/ Commander Chris Hadfield in Space contest on TVO kids, requesting kids to send in a photo of a space craft made from recycled materials. All week, they extracted materials from the blue box recycle bin and this is what they came up with! All I did to help was precut lots and lots of tape!

Blast off!

This might have really inspired AJ to consider a future career as an Astronaut. Remember that all along, he was very determined to be a Helicopter Pilot and nothing else. Well this week at school is "Je veux devenir" week with show and tell and career visits from moms and dads. AJ recently decided that he would like to be an Astronaut. Why?  "So I can see aliens and talk to them. I'm going to take a picture of the aliens and send them to you Maggie. And I'm going to come back home to see daddy after"

Quand je serai grand, je veux devenir astronaut!

Cute Things Kids Say

Overheard in our household...

Maggie: The people on TV have eyes but can they see me?
Maggie: AJ, you can't play on the ipod all day or your eyeballs are going to fall off
Maggie: Hypothesis, correct! Magnets stick to metal.

Kids: Mom, we're Scientis-ing
Lincoln: Can I bring the rein-dogs on the "obricot cot"? (He meant obstacle course, from the Barbie Christmas movie)

AJ: Mom this is the best best dinner ever in the whole universe! (meatloaf)
Maggie: After we're done "tsak-nga"-ing can we play? (tsak nga is Chinese for brushing teeth)
Lincoln: Mom, your bum is pretty (I was wearing patterned jeans)
Lincoln: Mom your bum is not pretty (I changed into regular blue jeans)
Maggie: Mom, you lay out really cute babies!
Lincoln to Mary: Goodnight Happy-face!
AJ: How come you never sleep? You're doing too much work after we are asleep. You have to sleep when we sleep so you won't be so tired and sleep too long in the morning and you make us miss church!

Lincoln: Po-nato. means tornado
He mixes up chicken and kitchen
Mary: bok bok (rooster)
Maggie: Is Palestine a city or a country? (we met a neighbor who's from there)

Lincoln: I'm gommabe make you a present
Lincoln: The orange is ate-en (means eaten)
Lincoln: For Christmas I'm gonmabe give you Arbonne for your present because you love Arbonne..
Maggie: I survey the room

Baby Handprint Crafts

It was my first visit to the new Stork Club baby group. I used to love going to mommy and baby groups with my first born, but when number two and three came along, it was such a big task to get there on time. Now with number four and on her own at home, it is so refreshing to experience that new baby time and mommy again.

This is a very neat sensory activity for spring time!
Baby Handprint Craft

Flower Petal handprint craft. According to the other resource teacher though, this craft is more appropriate a month from now (say 5 months plus) when they can choose to open the palm more readily (at this age, the reflex is to close the fist upon contact with any object, ie paint!)

Baby Foot Stomp

The flower petal craft should've been done with foot prints! Anyway this is Mary's first foot print. Baby wipes at the ready.