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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bedtime goes out the window

Man I can't believe how much energy the kids have and how late they sleep when my parents are here. I finally brought Maggie to go swimming today, and unbelieveably, she had so much fun, she LOVED it! It was supposed to be AJ's class usually but I figured I could bring both since my dad could help me with one of them. But of course AJ was napping. Maggie was splashing like crazy (with one arm, the other grabbing on to me tight), she tried to blow bubbles and she was singing along to all the songs. Then we went to the Greenboro library to have a picnic in the park out back, and then we went inside to read books. They were so wiped they fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for more than two hours. Sorry for blabbing but I guess here in lines the problem, we went out for dinner and when we got home they were just playing and reading books and finally after reading the same book like three times, I finally had to put my foot down and turn out the lights at 10pm. MAN! Even AJ was just rolling around and jumping in his crib, shouting to himself (I guess my dad was on the computer, but his orders were to ignore AJ) I think he just somehow ran out of energy and fell asleep. This is the craziest day ever!