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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Sexy Pizza Costume

What did you wear for Halloween? I didn't see the Sexy Pizza costume first or I would've bought that online! I ended up wearing every kind of animal print in my closet - snow leopard velvet top, cougar pants, leopard print scarf and pink and black fake ponytail. Not necessarily sexy, perhaps a little bit too scary!
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On the topic of pizzas that men would love to eat (awh.... cheesy!), I think the Angry Bird Pizza would be a big hit. My sister in law found this on Pinterest and took the kids to shop for the pizza toppings. (See the original design on her iphone!)

Something fun to do with the kids and have dinner made by teeny tiny chefs in training at the same time!

What's Your Excuse?

Maria Kang image source
The "What's Your Excuse" hot mamma fitness instructor Maria Kang posted a recent Facebook profile picture that has riled up fat mamma's and skinny mamma's alike. Well my question is, why does she even have abs; wouldn't she and her husband be pregnant with number 4, 5, 6 and 80? Plus if she's a professional fitness trainer, than it would be her job to look and keep fit, nuff said.

As for me, my excuse for not having wash board abs is because, Number 1 - I have four kids age 6, 5, 3 and 10 months. O wait that's the whole of point of this discussion, that is not an excuse!

Number 2, It's my own fault that I eat bags of chips at night, chocolate cookies and cake at all hours of the day, and the odd protein shake and vitamins to make up for any nutrients I'm missing because I hate eating fruits and vegetables. My kids on the other hand have much better eating habits from the four food groups

Number 3, I don't exercise, other than running to pickup the kids from the bus stop or carrying loads of laundry up and down the stairs. I used to pull three kids in a wagon and carry one on my shoulder in a sling... but they're all walking now. My kids do more exercise than me, because I'm the one driving them to karate and swimming classes.

Number 4, I don't sleep. I choose to do all kinds of chores after 9pm when the kids are asleep.  Then I spend about an hour online just catching up, and another hour (or 5 minutes) to play piano. By the time I go through with my own night routine is half past midnight. But why bother going to sleep, the baby might wake up at 1am or 3am or the worst at 5am because then it's the morning, and nobody goes back to sleep!

But the bottom line, these are the choices I have made in my life. If you go to her facebook page, that's the underlying theme... it's all about choices. You choose to be happy, healthy, strong, busy, productive. I am not at all "annoyed" by Maria Kang's Facebook profile picture. People are mean to write some means things about her. They are probably just upset they don't see the same results in their own life, but that might be because of their own choices.