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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A New Chapter

I was first introduced to the amazing Arbonne products by a new friend in the Summer of 2013. When I hosted my first Spa Party, I realized how fun and simple it was to run my own home business and work alongside some amazing women!  The biggest push for me was knowing that Arbonne operates in four countries worldwide - Canada, US, Australia and the UK and soon Poland and Taiwan! I have to admit that I took a slower start than most people. However when the seasons changed and I put my heart into it, I recruited a few business partners who really motivated me and helped me see the possibilities that my leaders were telling me all along. I reached my promotion to District Manager in early 2014 and I'm still learning as I go! A big thank you to my friends, customers and Preferred Clients who have made this possible.
The whole reason I got into beauty and cosmetics is that being so busy in my life with the four kids, I needed something more in my life. Something that even my very supportive husband and lovely children could not give me.  I had already achieved a measure of financial success and independence when I was a working mom with a full time job as an Engineer. However we decided as a family that I would not return to work after the fourth kid for an indeterminant length of time.  Yet I needed something to take care of myself and have high quality Swiss vitamins and skinare products. I don't have bags under my eyes yet, but it's never too early to start thinking about anti-aging! Arbonne has the BEST vegan-certified, swiss formulated, botanically based products, made in the USA and sold exclusively by passionate Independent Consultants. We have what people are looking for with over 450 items in our catalog from skincare, bath and body, baby care to vegan protein shakes and vitamins and even shaving products for men! I LOVE to tell people about Arbonne because we are pure, safe and beneficial - no parabens, no SLS and no mineral oil.  Feel great and look great when you join my team! 

I'm an Engineer with a Masters Degree in Physics and a music background, but I am a woman and I choose to buy the best and most prestigious products for myself and my kids. Sometimes people take a double take, like wow you're a rocket scientist, so why are you selling lipstick? Well that's exactly it, I DECIDED to take time away from my work regular work to be with my family and this is the perfect home business I can do on my own terms. It's like bring your kids to work day everyday!

The perks, wow imagine a job where I can claim my beauty products as business expenses and get a good discount. I also do mobile spa presentations, trade shows, online sales, deliveries and business meetings and recruitment interviews. 
About The Industry
My kids love the products too. They know that food coloring and food dye is bad. They only want to use Arbonne products! Change your life one body care product at a time. Make smart choices and start shopping today at