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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Made Me

So I have a funny story about Maggie... she asks alot of questions about who made this and that in this world. She confirms with me that God made trees, birds, animals, grass etc. She had thought that God made the plastic, glass and ceramic objects around the house too, but I told her those were made by robots in factories. And then the question about houses, well according to Maggie, Bob the Builder built our house (and yours too).

Maggie is very interested in skulls and skeletons, as see on the cover of a spring 2010 National Geographic magazine. She was explaining to AJ that she has a skeleton in her body. She said that Mommy has a bigger skeleton and Maggie has a baby one. She also told me that "God made skeletons because God made me."

She also started to draw people with faces (two eyes, a nose and a straight line for a mouth) with two arms and legs, or hair. She's been doodling on a Magna Doodle, otherwise I would love to keep all of these drawings. She draws the sun alot, and she was trying to draw the turtle toy and Buzz Lighyear. I drew Buzz and she added the details.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sounds of the Night

Last week, we were reading a book from the Baby Einstein series, The ABC's of Art. There are a series of famous paintings of certain objects that would correspond to subjects beginning with the letters A to M in this book. Also included are a few thought provoking questions. We got to the page about E for Elephants. They were splashing in the water at sunset. One of the questions was, what time of day is this, and what sounds would you hear? Maggie responded with the na-na-na song, that is na-na-na to the tune of Brahm's Lullaby, their favorite lullaby for naptime/ goodnight time. So cute!

Also wanted to record some of AJ's words that start or contain L.

Mommy, can I sit on your wap? (lap)
I wuv you (love)
I yike you (like)
My hair is bwrown.
Maggie's hair is bwack.