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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doomsday the Last Day

AJ is quite the little Doomsday prophet. He's been on antibiotics (penicillin) for a small tooth infection for the 10 day cycle. I told him yesterday as I was feeding him the fourth dose of the day, "Tomorrow will be the last day."

His face turns dark and mysterious, "The last day of what? What will be happen? We're all going to be die?"
I have to clarify, "No AJ, the last day for your medicine"
He's still not listening, "What, the last day of Ottawa? What will be happen?"

I wanted to say earthquakes, thundershowers, global warming, economic fallout. Not sure if he remembered this morning, but fortunately he didn't ask me or tell me, Today is the last day.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Natural Born Talent

Prenatal Suzuki
Although I wasn't the mom who strapped a tape player to my belly, transmitting vibrations of Mozart and Bach though the amniotic fluids, nor did I read hours of Shakespeare to my baby inside, I did play piano while practising for my daily routine.   I came across this topic for pre natal music training and here is a link for your own evaluation.

What's the first sense a baby develops?
a) Hearing
b) Smelling
c) Touching
d) Tasting

Hearing is already developed in the womb. How amazing is that?

Believing in the power of early listening, I have to admit that I get this question wrong on the quiz at a friend's baby shower, I didn't realize the correct answer was C because honestly, I thought hearing development was that strong. The image of Will Ferrell on SNL bursting out a momma's womb speaking in rap...

A baby is born with all the following prior knowledge EXCEPT
a) Grasping a finger
b) Sucking
c) Understanding a foreign language
d) The ability to swim

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Lincoln's favorite new word must be "Gobble, gobble, gobble..." as in the same sound that babbling turkeys'  make. He could have a long conversation with me, pointing and laughing at this and that and I would only pretend that I actually knew what he was saying.

Well that word took on a whole new meaning on Wednesday morning. He gobbled up something that babies should not be playing with. I'll start off with saying, thankfully he's fine and I'd have to credit Maggie for saving his life. 

I'm calm but still creeped out a little bit. Like the other day ("last morning" as AJ would say), Lincoln was happily playing with Russian nesting dolls with Maggie in her room while I was rushing to eat breakfast with AJ and get out the door. All of a sudden I hear Maggie screeching and crying, I thought she was getting her haired pulled or something; I ran upstairs, suddenly quicker cuz it was getting extremely hysterical. I saw Lincoln foaming/ barfing at the mouth and I soon figured out he was choking on the smallest russian doll! OMG!

Fortunately I was able to just grab it out of his mouth with my fingers and I didn't end up jabbing it in any deeper. OMG after that he was fine. I was still shaking all morning. Anywayz needless to say
I put all the small stuff away so I wont' choke my child. SCARY!

I'm just glad that Maggie alerted me to Lincoln being in danger because choking is silent! Afterward she said we should pray for Lincoln tonight because he almost died (sic). I don't actually think that would be the case cuz there's alot of CPR and even calling 911 and things like people would've done before it would come to that, but I feel bad that she was thinking that.