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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tee Pee Pushups

Maggie is now 5 months old. There's been so much change, I could not keep up with the writing!

At two months, I heard her cooing random syllables like ur, air, goo, boo, moo, ng goy, ng gay...

She started holding her head up on her strong arms for long stretches since July (3 months). By the end of August she started to roll over from belly to back, and then the last week of August it was suddenly belly to back and to belly again repeatedly! (4 months). At times she would just escape from the playmat area and end up on the hardwood floor! Around that time she was also grabbing at her hanging toys with purpose.

We started to use the Bumbo and the ExcerSaucer in September, though probably it could've been sooner. She loves to stand on her tippy toes and turn around and around to play with the different toys. She can play for upwards of half an hour there (while I remain in and out of sight to do chores) or even longer if we're together in the kitchen.

Now we're in Calgary and she's totally doing the combat crawl. Her legs are propelling her body somewhat forward. With her arms she can spin her body around on her belly to chase a toy. A couple of times I've seen her push herself up on her arms with her butt in the air like tee pee pushups. Of course she rubs her face on the playmat while moving forward a bit. It's so funny!

She also giggles hysterically while I say nursery rhymes line by line in a funny voice. Or make funny faces while we take turns laughing. She could be crying one minute but as soon as I appear or as soon as I give a comforting smile, she is calm or happy again. It's so amazing to see that we have a connection.

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julia said...

Hey girl: What's going on with the baby now? She must be cruising by now...