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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Maggie says "Mum" and "Neh"

I'm pretty sure she's saying Neh for NI-NI which means milk. And Mum, it's been pretty random but she says it more. Otherwise she's saying DEH or DA for both mom and dad! Funny girl. She talks so much, dis dis dis, wey wey wey wey, noooooo. Vffoooom Vfooooom is probably referring to car. She definitely waves hi and bye, and even opens her mouth real wide to say "hi".

Her favorite toy is definitely a little tiny cloth giraffe from the magnetic Noah's Ark gift set. She can climb the stairs and/or play for most of the afternoon with that little thing in one hand or in her mouth.

She eats huge amounts of brocoli florets, cheerios/ nutrios, and blueberries cut into quarters. She'll still do baby cereal, congee and jar or homemade baby food vegatables or fruit, but forget about the meat and broth kind. She'd rather eat shredded chicken or turkey by hand.

Next we'll try toast, bagels? and maybe even a good hearty soup.

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