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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Duck Duck

It's funny how kids at this age will call every furry animal Woah woah (dog). That was a few months ago. By now she can totally distinguish alot of things obviously, she knows Mow Meow (cat) and Moose and quirrel (squirrel), seal arp arp (seal), jeng jeng jeng (di ban jeng, for elephant), hung (mouse, cuz in her book there's a mouse walking). She knows jek tsi or birdie (bird), and fey fey (airplane). Ew is a mosquito or bug. Actually one time she saw an ant and she called it a woah woah. Hey it moves with legs! Turto, Duck duck, fishes or fishies. So cute! Whether they're in an aquarium, in the bathtub or on the computer.

But what really tops the cake is when we were reading a book about dinosaurs, like there's a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet, she called them "Duck Duck!" Specifically it's the one that is a total vegetarian and is the largest of all the dinosaurs. I guess if it were white all over and if it had an orange beak, it could totally pass as a gigantic duck duck. But it's just interesting cuz some scientists do believe that dinosaurs and birds are closely related. So weird! So amazing how the world seems through the eyes of a child!

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