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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Twenty-two and half months

You'd be so amazed by all the things that Maggie knows now. About two months ago she was singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. Well it is still her most favorite song. I went to the library today and borrowed a few non-fiction books in the children's section about Spiders. What vivid pictures! She could tell that a Tarantula was "Ho Di -ah" and small one that you see in the house was "Ho Si Go -ah". She was looking for spiders on every page!

Funny! But I'm very thankful that the kids are healthy they're eating well, and maggie talks so much and learns so much. She knows all the letters of the alphabet from H to Z. But I really have no idea what happened to A to G, it's like she doesn't care about them at all. She knows the names of all the planets from her book about planets. I mean they're all the same shape but there are specific distinguishing features whether it's the colour or the rings of Saturn. She knows the moon, earth, and sun in every picture in her books, whether it's a drawing or photo... and she knows a few bible characters in her "peek a boo" bible book - Moses, David, Daniel, Jonah, Esther, Jesus and angel. So cooL! However this is all in English. Gotta work on the Chinese more.

I'm trying to keep the blog updated, so I guess a month ago in March 10 or so, she got the Book about Planets and she was naming them all off beginning with the Sun, Mercury, Jenus (Venus), Eart (Earth), Mars, Dupiter (Jupiter), Saturn Rings! (Saturn), URAINus (uranus), Neptune blue one, baby Pluto. I really had to teach her the "old science" I grew up that Pluto was a planet. It's hard to get it on tape though cuz she stops talking about them, well I think there is one video so I'll have to post it.

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