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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poo Stories

Silent, but deadly...
So I was changing AJ's diaper and he had a big poo, so I thoughtok he's done, I'll clean him up and let him walk around bare butt as usual,
while I clean up the rest of the mess. Then he's crouched at the topof the stairs and just hanging out, not running around not laughing ordoing anything... wrong! I saw three poos that bounced off the secondstep and there was even one that was squished when he sat down. o man!
On the carpet stairs!

Three states of Potty
So given Maggie's amazing potty record since birth, that suddenly all ended at 18 months or so... we're taking baby steps to use the potty again. Last night, she did sit down before her bathtime as the new habitwe're establishing. Then she got up and sat down right away and had a"high pressure" pee. It was so loud and so fast! Very proud ofherself, got a sticker, yay! Pooing in the potty again, has happenedbut is quite rare. She gets two stickers for that. 'k a few weeksback, same thing only this time she simply farted and said I'm done. Then she poured the "fart" into the toilet and flushed it. hahahah! I guess anything that comes out, has to flush.

And then there was the time when she said, "I poo-ted". Creating new words.

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