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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Maggie is in Business

Maggie has recently realized the value of money. She's managed to find afew pennies from around the house and we brought them on our shopping trip to Metro. I made a point to pay for the $1.03 tomatoes in cash so Maggie would have a chance to use them. them She gladly gave the cashier the pennies and got the tomatoes in return. (i.e. Money can buy things!!)

Afterwards, Maggie asked Bing for pennies but she told her to ask mommy. When I got home from work I told Maggie that she needs a job and to go to work to get money. So Maggie asks "Can I have a job?" So I asked Maggie to set the table for dinner, and afterwards gather the dirty dishes etc. After that she asks, "Can I have more jobs?" So she got to sweep the floor and set the table for dessert, earning four pennies in total!

Next I want to teach her about giving money to Jesus. I did ask her if she will give a penny to Jesus for offering and she said yes! Hope that's ok for the offering counters.

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