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Monday, April 5, 2010

Where's the sun's bed?

Earlier this evening, from their bedroom window there was an amazing view of the sunset.  Maggie and AJ were fascinated by the dark clouds in the sky today at sunset, with the sun illuminating the clouds from the bottom with a firey glow. She was saying "the dark clouds are not big and scary" and AJ "ooooooh" wow! She kept asking me why the clouds were black so I explained it was a sillouette, not a shadow. AJ loves that new word "Se loo ent" He repeats every new word these days.

I told her the sun was shining from below like a fire. She must've remembered something about the "fire cloud" we had seen one wintry morning and she said, it's a sunrise! So I had to correct this reverse phenomenon.  I took the opportunity to explain the difference between a sunrise and a sunset. In the best Chinese I could muster, I explained about the sun rising up from the window in my room in the east, and how it walks across the sky all day and falls asleep in the sky down there as seen from Maggie's window, west. She asked many times, where is the sun's bed and she searched everywhere. At last I had to explain that it was behind the fire station, behind the gas station, behind the school, behind the trees and way way far below the sky line.

And then another question, where's the sun's mommy? daddy? She seemed disappointed that I said he had none. What about his brother? So I thought it would be partly true to say yes, in another galaxy. Where's that? In another sky. And thank goodness that was a good enough answer for that.

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Kimberly said...

I LOVE IT!! I am very impressed that you teach words like silhouette instead of just going with shadow which would be easier. Yay for smart kids! Congrats!