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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mobile Command Center

Well at one time I had tried every kind of double stroller you could buy in the market, even bike strollers, wagons, tandem (super heavy hard to steer) but not side by side though.  These are all the options we've tried.  Regardless, we seem to move faster if they are all strapped into the convoy. In any case you need the stroller to carry the gear and jackets.

Whereever we go, whether kids are strapped in or someone is holding on to the stroller on the side, I feel like an army tank commander.

I bought a Graco double stroller, tan coloured listed for $120 on craigslist. When the women delivered it and I made a face like I wasn't sure if I wanted it, she sold it to me for $80. I used it during the fall 2008/ winter 2009 to get Maggie and AJ to church.  It was very heavy to lift up and down from the trunk, heavy to push and very hard to steer. I eventually sold it to someone at work for $80, grandparents for taking the grandkids to the park. They didn't seem to have a problem with it.

It was pink and purple. I drove out to Gatineau in the Fall 2009, $50 from usedottawa.  However, we used it more like a double stroller that you push forward like a jogging stroller or chariot.  It was in fair condition, a little dusty but it worked well for bringing Maggie and AJ, like an all weather all terrain vehicle. Even in the Fall 2010 their babysitter prefered this model for bringing them to the playgroup at the community center.  I eventually sold this for $80 on usedottawa. Funny because one lady bought it from for $50; she didn't like it so she returned it the next day. I cleaned it real good, and wiped away any visible rust, oiled the moving metal pieces. I even learned how to smoothly transform the unit from a jogging stroller to the bike hitch function so I could demo this. The next day, the new buyer came and gave me the full asking price.
What I found the most useful for going to the park was having Lincoln in my ergo carrier and the two kids in the wagon (to pull) or bike stroller (push).  Purchased from Zellers using gift cards from Jon and Alicia. The wagon has a detachable canopy; the handle can fold under to make it smaller for transporting in a trunk. However when Lincoln was about 11 months old and I let him ride in the wagon to Owl Park for a swim, he was leaning forward too much and he pulled the restraints right out of the fasteners. Anywayz it's easy to fix but we haven't used it since.

This summer I found a Sit and Stand and so it fits all three: Lincoln in the front with the five point harness because he was the only monkey who ever tried to escape from a stroller. AJ and Maggie both sit on the toddler seat in the back; occassionally one will agree to stand on the rolling platform while the other one is seated. Ideally this unit is only for two kids not three, but it works.  If the seating arrangment in the back cannot be resolved, I end up carrying Lincoln in the carrier. Basically a carrier and a double is ideal.

We have a single stroller that came with a hand me down Travel System.  A carrier and a single stroller works well too if the third person agrees to walk. Sometimes I end up placing Maggie and AJ in a single-stroller seat. They would rather be squished than give up their seat to walk.

This is the only stroller that now fits into the MDX trunk with the new car seat setup. It folds up very small almost like a big umbrella stroller. However there is not much storage space.

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