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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Natural Born Talent

Prenatal Suzuki
Although I wasn't the mom who strapped a tape player to my belly, transmitting vibrations of Mozart and Bach though the amniotic fluids, nor did I read hours of Shakespeare to my baby inside, I did play piano while practising for my daily routine.   I came across this topic for pre natal music training and here is a link for your own evaluation.

What's the first sense a baby develops?
a) Hearing
b) Smelling
c) Touching
d) Tasting

Hearing is already developed in the womb. How amazing is that?

Believing in the power of early listening, I have to admit that I get this question wrong on the quiz at a friend's baby shower, I didn't realize the correct answer was C because honestly, I thought hearing development was that strong. The image of Will Ferrell on SNL bursting out a momma's womb speaking in rap...

A baby is born with all the following prior knowledge EXCEPT
a) Grasping a finger
b) Sucking
c) Understanding a foreign language
d) The ability to swim

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