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Monday, May 28, 2012

This is your Captain speaking

All it takes is a pair of ear defenders (the kids keep calling them headphones, but they're
really ear defenders like the kind for operating heavy machinery), the belly of a robot costume, and the active imagination of a five year old to create the perfect battleship scenario.
After bath time last night, the kids were in pajamas. AJ wore the ear
defenders while constructing something of out Lego. Maggie set up the
control panel of the robot costume like the control station of a
starship command deck and convinced AJ to take a break and sit behind

Maggie: Get ready to launch.
Maggie: I said get ready to launch!
AJ: Orange fire (Maggie presses an orange button with a yellow star)
Maggie: Fire
AJ: Blue fire (Maggie presses the blue one)
Maggie: Setting full throttle (Maggie uses a frying pan as the handle
of a shifter)
AJ: OK I'm done (he goes back to Lego; now Lincoln tries to take some shots too)

Maggie and Lincoln continue with pushing buttons and shouting random
commands. Finally she announces, "I've set the auto pilot. The ship is
flying by itself" She puts her head down on a princess pillow and
pretends to sleep.

So funny. I actually had that on tape except for the auto-pilot part! Where do they
come up with this stuff?

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