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Monday, October 8, 2012

Name that Baby!

My kids have been discussing baby names and what they want to name their baby sibling on the way. I've been mum on the issue as I have a few favorites myself, but here are the suggestions along with the meanings and origins.


Nolan - Irish origin, means champion. Boys name, but used for girls too. (AJ's choice)

Christoff - Christopher, Greek origin, means "bearing Christ". I'm just making life difficult by choosing a non-American spelling. (Hoping he'll grow up to be an amazing concert pianist)

Alexander - Greek origin, man's defender, warrior. Reminds me of Alexander the Great.

Felix - Latin origin, means happy and fortunate (Dad likes this name, but it reminds me of Felix the Cat a cartoon character)

Jason - Greek origin. means to heal. Biblical reference - He helped Paul and Silas on their journey in the New Testament.  Jason and the Argonauts in the quest for the golden fleece is a story from Greek Mythology. He does have a colourful love life though.


Rosabella - Maggie's pick

Isabella - Maggie's pick

Isadora - Greek origin, gift of Isis.

Alexandria - Greek origin, a great city in Egypt. Means "defending men"

Victoria - derived from Victor Latin word for champion

Mariel - I like this because it's like Ariel with an M. Also, Mariel Margaret Hamm (Mia Hamm) is largestly considered the best female soccer player in history (retired).

Cheyenne - Native American origin, means "unintelligible speakers". I always like the way Cheyenne Mountain sounds, the NORAD headquarters. However this name is not popular at all though I actually know one person (an older guy at work) who has this name.

Monica - Latin origin, means advisor, counselor; fourth-century saint known mainly by the writings of her son, Saint Augustine

Mable or Mabel - English origin, means lovable. Not a very popular name right now though, but it makes a good match for a Chinese name we have in mind.

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