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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Natural Bombshell

Have you seen stars without makeup,  the photo mash ups of movie stars and celebrities will full makeup on the red carpet beside a paparazzi sniper shot of the same celebrity doing mundane errands at the grocery store, without makeup.  Sometimes they look stunning and great as a natural bombshell. Other times, well without the mascara and eyeliner you can't recognize who it is let alone distinguish the eyes from the bags under the eyes!
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One of the many differences between men and women, this article is making the rounds (again) this week. And why is it that a man will wake up and look just as good looking as they went to bed. However, women somehow deteriorate over night. Well the whole success of the skin care industry relies on this fact!

As for me, I cannot leave the house without a bit of eyeshadow or eyeliner. What is your must have item in your makeup kit? I'm not necessarily reviewing the deepest colours in eyeshadow or the best waterproof mascara, and I'm not qualified to give out makeup tips or eye makeup training. Click here for a consumer review of the Arbonne Pure Vibrance hair care and cosmetics lines. But here is an exclusive Christmas eye makeup collection that is vegan friendly and top of the line, from Arbonne! I hope you might enjoy for a natural look or the five minute face.

The glitter gold baked eyeshadow palette, the Majestic Colour Collection and the three luxury eye liners in glitter gold, silver and black. Here is the Majestic Colour Collection makeup Tutorial.

Just remember that the most important thing for anti-aging at any age is the spf in the day moisturizer to protect from the effects of the sun, and a targeted eye cream. The formulation of a proper eye cream will moisturize without attracting moisture (which causes puffiness). Does your skin care regimen reverse the signs of aging or does it make time stand still? Well I'm proud to say that mine will do both. Try a deep hydration mask. Great to see Arbonne in the news, again!

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