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Friday, August 7, 2015

Mission Trip to Guatemala 2015

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I'm going on a mission trip to Guatemala in November this year, in support of the Hogar Luz De Maria orphanage in Antigua, Guatemala. The team will be delivering bunk beds to families in the area and also providing toys (50 dolls, 50 superheroes), books, personal care products, and 100 backpacks filled with school supplies and materials for arts and crafts for the children.
Each of us has committed to personally raising money to fund the programs at the orphanage for this trip and beyond. As well, I have personally committed to bringing 10 of each filled backpacks, dolls and superheros, if you would like to donate for the purchase of these itemsl! Any amount you give from your heart would be so appreciated. Thank you!


The organization is called "For the Love of Mateo" and you can find information about the project at

I feel so blessed to be part of one woman's dream to go back and make this happen for the children in the poorest region where she adopted her son.

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