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Friday, February 3, 2017

Lego Gummies

My friend is a DIY superstar. She made these and gave out a big bag of them to my kids.

Scupting mode lego template from here

The page I brought you to is for Sorta-Clear 37 Pint Kit 2Lb. There are two other kinds (18 and 40). Each pack contains two jars of goop that you mix together, but 18 and 40 require measuring/weighing the right amounts to mix together. The 37 variety mixes equal parts of both goop which eliminates the need to do any measuring. Best of all, this is the 2lb quantity, which is enough to make 2 moulds (thus speeding up your gummy-making process). Once you've made this mould though, you'll never need to do it again, so I find the extra effort was worth it.

Do it a bit at a time. I first starting building the mould FOR the mould using Lego blocks. The next day I mixed the silicon and poured it in (easy peezy). Day later I trimmed off the thing layers of silicon that squeezed through the Lego blocks. After that, i just made one flavour of gummies per night until I got six in total.

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