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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day Routine Summary

I was determined to make each day as productive and action packed as I ever could. After my mother returned to Calgary and I was on my own, I knew I had to take care of my baby on my own, to resume all the household tasks, to keep up with my hobbies and social life. I started with establishing Monday and Wednesday as the chore day (laundry and vacumming etc) and writing down all of the other activities completed. However only “working” on certain days and playing the rest of the week was not quite practical. Of course there was no set schedule cuz everyday was different. I gave myself time to explore and develop a flow or routine naturally.

This has worked well for me, to dedicate the “first task” of the day to the study of God’s word. I’ve already finished reading the book of John and Acts, and I will continue with the rest of the New Testament. I’ve been journaling and also reading the Daily Bread, Blessed Be Your Name, and Thirsty. It has truly been revealed to me, “See ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

And obviously, feeding, playing, singing/ talking, changing and rocking Maggie are essential tasks, especially with the implementation of cloth diapers and IPT. She she naps and has been regularly sleeping by 8pm or so. Therefore I have a lot time to do my things!

Day Routine
* this task never changes

*Always Pray
*Begin with the Bible/ Breakfast
Chores (laundry, vacuum, clean etc)
Correspondence (cards, email, journal, blog etc)

Music study
Nap optional
or Photos/ Scrapbooking
Prep dinner

Music study
or Engineering discovery

Alternate Activies as required
or Appointments

Maggie’s Day Routine (in 3 to 4 hour cycles)
Maggie wakes
IPT over the sink. (Awh-Shhhhhhh Shhhhhh and ANnnnng boot boot)
Nurses (about 25 - 40 min)
Plays or Listens to music (about 30 min)
Signals to pee (IPT)
Ten minutes later or at her next signal, poo and pee (IPT)
Keeps playing or gets cranky/ tired
Sleeps (one to two hours)

At nighttime, there is no playtime obviously. IPT is done only when she wakes, cuz it doesn't make sense to stay up to pee/poo right? So far I’ve been using up fewer diapers cuz she’s learning to pee/ poo in the sink and not the diaper!

Accidents do happen but it's totally ok, cuz I end up washing fewer diapers. My record so far is using the same diaper for 10 hours cuz she never made it dirty (fart stains are dry and ok).

1 comment: said...

Girl, you are so disciplined! I need to be more like you.

And thanks for the tip on the dry farts. Love it. Hehehehe.