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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dr Suess paints the Room

AJ started writing his name "AJ" sometime just before Canada Day (not yet age 3). He announced at the park that he was writing the "A" sound .The letter A looked a bit like a triangle, and I showed him how to write the J sound like a hook. He put the two together side by side and he's been very good at autographing birthday cards, Sunday School homework etc.

Maggie took a little bit more encouragement to begin writing, in August! Through tears and madness, Brian showed her to write M, A, G and E. She already knew I, X and O obviously but she had no desire or interest to write whatsoever. I never forced the issue because the teacher at the JK orientation said it was not an expectation for the start of Kindergarten. However, Brian was persistent. Sometime during the week that I was away in Las Vegas, Maggie learned to write her name! What an triumph. The only thing is, the letters though always in sequrence are rarely in a straight line. She's signed an envelope where M A G G I E end up in a counterclockwise spiral. All the letters are complete but not in a left to right sequence.

I decided to award their success in writing with posters of the alphabet by Dr Suess. I secretly pasted these on the wall in their room, while everyone was playing outside just to surprise them.  Lincoln gave me a hand though, by staying out of the way. But he was pointing and reaching at the letters, and once again trying to tell me all kinds of things about them.  Later Maggie went upstairs to retrieve a toy from the room, and she announced "What did Dr Suess paint on the wall?" AJ ran upstairs to look and they were both so happy. "Why are there Dr Suess pictures on the wall, mommy?" Anyway, I hope that it helps them to see the capital and lowercase letters side by side and with the objects from the story, they can learn the letter sounds too.

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