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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walking Tall

Lincoln officially started walking on August 1 at 11.5 months. I had arrived home from Las Vegas just the day before so I'm pleased that I didn't miss a thing. Within a week he had mastered walking across the room without too much stumbling; unless he's moving too quickly with a bit too much momentum and he can't stop. He ends up falling forward on his hands.

I know he can clearly say dada and mama, A-J! , wow and oo-oo-ooh, this this this. Lots of random babbling with furrowed eyebrows and other facial expressions, while pointing and describing images in a book. He knows exactly what he's saying; Maggie and AJ try their best to be translators.

Lincoln is 74 cm tall and 23 pounds. We have switched him to the forward facing Sunshine Radian seat, while Maggie and AJ ride in the back row.

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