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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mutant Mouse Agenda

The older boys started with three eyes and AJ had to make four.
Why do boys have to make a simple mouse craft into a mutant project? The kids were making paper bag mouse puppets at a friend's birthday party. The mom was really amazing at setting up the crafts and keeping all the kids interested, 10 children ranging from age 2 to 8!

1) Fold the corners of the paper bag bottoms to make a mouse face. Punch holes for the whiskers
2) Precut the pipe cleaners, punch out some pink noses. Precut the the grey eats and pink shading.
3) Have enough gluesticks and googly eyes, and you're set!
4) Don't forget to ask the kids to write their name on the puppet.
5) Bonus: Provide paper shirts or pants to glue on, kids can colour or decorate

Don't forget to tuck these into the loot bag for the kids to bring home. AJ left his four eye puppet behind, we'll have to grab it at the next playdate though he seemed to have forgotten all about it.

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