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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Maggie presented me with a new drawing this morning and gave me this description, "This is the noise inside Daddy's tummy that makes him burp."

Others may call it a senseless scribbling; in my mind it looks like sine waves.

I have to ask, "Well how do you know what noise looks like?"

Maggie gives an expert answer, "On Batman's computer."  This is a reference to a drawing in a Batman story.
Oops the drawing
is rotated 90 degrees wrong.

Wow it looks like we have a future DSP analyzer here huh.  Well she is always asking me how stuff works, or asking questions that would lead to it.

For example the other night, she was worried that a monster or vampire would crawl out of the TV.  I took the opportunity to answer that it was an image, and that the antenna catches waves and the TV makes a picture with a light tube inside. Yes, I know that is a description of a CRT TV; I haven't quite updated my knowledge on how a plasma screen tv works yet.  I also mention that everyone with a TV sees the same show.

AJ is just listening in on the conversation and jumps in at the last second, "Yah, Transformers are only real in the movies." I really wanted to mess with him, so I said, "No AJ, robots live among us."

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