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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I lub you

It's the sweetest thing when your 21 month old knows how to say "I lub you" at the most appropriate time. How about 9:30pm when he keeps jumping out of his bed to tell you, "I lub you, I lub you, I lub you!" and gives wet kisses on your cheek? Sometimes he'll hand me a toy and just smile and say "I lub you" and then take it back. Huh?

The funniest is when he says "I lub you, daddy" but I'm mommy! Or even when he says, "I lub you, Tita" but Tita is his nanny who actually taught him to say I love you. I think these lovely three words is a modelled behaviour. I actually realize that I don't say "I love you" to my older children. They never said these words at 21 months. In fact they're only saying it now at age 5 and 3.5 cuz they learned about it at school preparing the Mother's Day and Father's Day card, or from their little baby brother.

Maggie often plays "house" with AJ. She tells him to call her mommy and she prepares his lunch and snack in the toy kitchen with the toy food. She calls him sweetie, dear and honey. "Your lunch is ready, sweetie" That's the funny thing, I don't say that in the house. I wish I did but I actually don't. Even my husband comments, ha you didn't learn to say that from Mommy. O well.

This is just an interesting observation about my own love languages. Well I have started to say "I lub you" more often to my kids now.

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