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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little Champ

I filled out the survey questionnaire for my son's visit to CHEO (Children's Hospital of Easter Ontario) in Ottawa, six months ago but I forgot to send in it. I had really positive feedback and comments I wanted to tell the nurses but it's been too long so I figured it would still be appropriate to share my comments anyway.

CHEO is a world class children's hospital offers many services to children of all ages. It is very adequately funded by the government and private funding from charities, plus heavy weight support from the Ottawa Senators hockey team.  We've only barely touched the surface of using the services that CHEO provides with the kids' visits to Emergency for respiratory distress from reactive airways (asthma attack) twice, a dislocated elbow joint, unexplained weeklong high fever from a vaccination shot, infant bronchiolitis and in December 2011 from a previous post, when Lincoln suddenly stopped walking from Transient Sinovitis (Mr Jello Legs).

The survey responses below are written for Lincoln's visit.

How was your visit?
Your feedback helps us improve! Please take a few moments to share your thoughts about your experience with us.
Please rate your visit from 1 to 5, ranging from Needs Work to Very Good.
= 4

What was good?
The Triage set us at the appropriate priority given the symptoms. I knew we had to wait long and the nurses were kind and gentle.  Nice to see men and women in nursing, breaking traditionl barriers. The newly renovated Galaxy waiting room was very nice!

What could we do to improve your visit?
My child had to do a diagnostic test that required fasting, but I was not told this fact in the night.  After his blood test before dawn and he was crying like crazy, a nurse told me that I could give him his milk to calm him. He finished his bottle of milk before 6AM but when another nurse arrived at 8AM to bring him to the test, she had to tell me that it had to be postponed because of the bottle. As a result they could not run the test till 2PM. That was an uneccessary long wait.

Is there a staff member you would like us to recognize because they did something special for you or your child?
The porter who moved my son from room to room for the tests and ultrasounds made him smile/mobile with a high five and called him "little champ".

Perhaps it is still important to send this feedback to CHEO especially for the second question. If I can track down an email address or be organized enough to find a stamp and envelope I might do that (eventually).

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