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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Does it fit up my nose?

I posted a confession on yahoo in response to a news story: "Boy lives for three years with a Lego wheel stuck up his nose"

I stuck a small red ball from a toy pinball machine up my nose when I was 5 years old, just to see if it would fit. Immediately after, red blood came out and I began to wonder what would happen if I put a blue ball up my nose too but the babysitter saw me, I never told anybody what happened. Until, I as 8 years old, I blew my nose one time and it came out and I showed my little brother.
I don't know why but all kids are curious about putting things in random holes in the body. Even AJ stuck corn pops up his nose, presumably to impress a girl. They were all giggling and laughing about something while having a snack in the picnic table outside, until AJ suddenly ran into the kitchen and was getting very agitated about something.

I gave him a kleenex and he tried to blow it out but I think it sucked deeper into the nose cavities, or maybe it got pushed in deeper with his tiny fingers. All I could really do was say that I had to tell Daddy about it (more as a scare tactic that he had done something he wasn't supposed to do) and that Daddy would know what to do. I was just buying time because I figured it would disolve and melt in boogers that he could blow out. I believe that's what eventually happened, but it is still very gross. He promised me he wouldn't do that ever again.

Back to my story though, I don't really remember having too many sinus problems though I vaguely remember the term "back throat dripping" and "hay fever" but that was just a constant thing that happened up until I was a grownup, though not anymore.

What compells a child to do this? However the last thing you want to say is, "don't shove a whatever up your nose" if they weren't already thinking of doing that cuz simply planting that idea is quite foolish.

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