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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who is Batman

My recent escapade in the night, whilst all the kiddies slept early for once, I saw Batman: Dark Knight Rises on Day 5 from the opening day. The movie struck me deeply and I was quite captured by the mystery of Batman, who he is and what makes him the man he is. (Why does he have to talk like a chain-smoker when he wears the mask?) The next day I bought a DC Comics Encyclopedia series Batman: World of the Dark Knight for AJ, but really it was for me. I stumbled upon a couple of graphic novel titles while at Chapters as well and I became hooked. My collection quickly grew from Batman RIP (by Grant Morrison etc) and I hunted other titles like Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: the Dark Knight Triumphant by Frank Miller on usedottawa, which both happened to come in a lot with a giant stash of Comics! For $30 this seemed like a good buy (instead of another Pandora charm).
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I'm new to the whole Batman universe and especially with such a small sampling of various collections and story lines, I am a little bit overwhelmed. I suppose most women my age are reading or have already read Harry Potter, Twilight, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey and every other fan fiction novel series out there. I suppose I must be the only one stuck in a time warp or part of my childhood that I might've missed.

There are several categories here - Batman, Spiderman, X-men, Watchmen, Fantastic Four and other heros and villians... and Indiana Jones doesn't quite belong, but I really enjoyed reading these on the bus ride to work.

Indiana Jones (1984) - #20, 13
Spectacular Spiderman - #226, 229, 240, (#1, 1995)
Spiderman: The Final Adventure - #1
Uncanny Origins (feat. Venom) - #7
Detective Comics (feat. Batman) - #677
Batman - #509, 510
The Incredible Hulk - #393
The Uncanny X-men - #290, 326
Daredevil - #280
Hero Illustrated - #25 (1995)
Batman (Zellers special issue 1992)
The Adventures of Superman - #498
The Sensational Spiderman - #1, 11
ScarletSpider - #1, 2,
The Spectacular Scarlet Spider - #1,
Scarletspider: Unlimited - #1
The Amazing Spiderman - Blast from the Past '96, #418, #362, #378, #413
X-Men: Onslaught
Marvel Universe: Onslaught
Watchmen - #1
X-Men 2099 - #1
The Amazing Scarlet Spider - #1
Web Of Spiderman - #100
Peter Parker/Spiderman - #75
Spiderman and Batman - #?
Midnightsons (Ghost Rider, Spiderman) - #1, 2, 3
Spiderman - #60, 63
Venom (1995) - #1,2,3, 4,On Trial,
Fantastic Four (1991) - #358
X-men - Minibook
Beyond Zero Hour
The Silver Surfer - ##50, 75 (1992)
Guardians of the Galaxy - #25
Big Paperbacks or Books
Frank Miller's The Hard Copy (Sin City)
Swamp Thing: Love and Death (1990)
DC Comics Vertigo - Death: The High Cost of Living

Then I continued my hunt on ebay and purchased the Batman Knightfall story for $13.50
BATMAN #492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 KNIGHTFALL BANE DARK KNIGHT RISES. This is the storyline that the latest movie is based on.

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