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Monday, November 12, 2012

I see Zombie

Halloween this year on this tiny street was a big event for the little kiddies and the neighbors who took the time to create haunted houses and rent giant inflatable monsters.  It was our second week in the neighborhood so we were glad to be part of it and meet some neighbors along the way.

AJ chose to dress up as a "Banana" for the school parade but he did not get into full costume for Trick or Treating. Maggie was a Snow Crystal Fairy, most appropriately wearing a snow suit jacket (to keep warm) and little Lincoln was a fat skeleton.

We didn't quite make it all the way around the block as tiny as it was, but the kids got to watch a movie and eat some treats at their uncle and aunt's house, take a bath and get in PJ's to sleep before 9pm! That is an amazing feat to say the least, if you believe in the sugar crash.

Please don't go!
AJ was quite afraid of the scary witch decorations, and the flashy pumpkin lights with red eyes. He was extremely terrified of the two large monsters guarding the entrance to the haunted house the neighbor built in his garage.  He didn't even want Maggie to walk to the front door to get some candy, screaming "No, Maggie don't go!!!" She was a little bit embarrassed but decided to stay close to her brother who was grabbing frantically to me, so the kind neighbor who unmasked himself, walked over and dropped off big portions of candies anyway.  Fortunately AJ managed to say Thank you. Wow, I never realized how real the scary could be for the little guyz.

It's a Zombie!
We had been incorrectly naming the display skeletons crawling out of the front yard graves and skulls hanging from trees as zombies. By day, my kids walk by and point and laugh. However on this night, they do look a bit scary.

We were at Zellers earlier that week and I was looking at baby things with Lincoln. He kept pointing at the pile of toy sheep and saying "I see Zombie" and I had no idea what he was talking about. Eventually I walked over and then I saw  a really cute musical Dracula plush doll holding a Skull that sings the "Monster Mash". Regular price $29.95 on sale for $6.94 with 15% off so I bought it. It was the catch of the day!

So this is AJ looking a little bit dizzy or constipated, but he is just dancing to the song while eating unlimited chips and watching Madagascar 3.  I meant to have the song played out for the trick or treaters, but it was much too annoying for my husband who was handing out the candy with little Lincoln. Instead I carried the singing doll with Maggie and AJ as we did trick or treating. Imagine that, carolling trick or treaters.

Choose your Own Pumpkin
The best part of living out in the country (almost) is the natural and organic farmers markets, and being a 2 minute drive from a real pumpkin patch! Maggie and I picked these up at Crew's Market, 3 for $10. I've never seen a deal like that before especially for pumpkins big enough for Cinderella's Carriage. The kits were $4.95 from Walmart and I even tried to keep them for next year. All three pumpkins created by AJ.

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