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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cute Things Kids Say

Overheard in our household...

Maggie: The people on TV have eyes but can they see me?
Maggie: AJ, you can't play on the ipod all day or your eyeballs are going to fall off
Maggie: Hypothesis, correct! Magnets stick to metal.

Kids: Mom, we're Scientis-ing
Lincoln: Can I bring the rein-dogs on the "obricot cot"? (He meant obstacle course, from the Barbie Christmas movie)

AJ: Mom this is the best best dinner ever in the whole universe! (meatloaf)
Maggie: After we're done "tsak-nga"-ing can we play? (tsak nga is Chinese for brushing teeth)
Lincoln: Mom, your bum is pretty (I was wearing patterned jeans)
Lincoln: Mom your bum is not pretty (I changed into regular blue jeans)
Maggie: Mom, you lay out really cute babies!
Lincoln to Mary: Goodnight Happy-face!
AJ: How come you never sleep? You're doing too much work after we are asleep. You have to sleep when we sleep so you won't be so tired and sleep too long in the morning and you make us miss church!

Lincoln: Po-nato. means tornado
He mixes up chicken and kitchen
Mary: bok bok (rooster)
Maggie: Is Palestine a city or a country? (we met a neighbor who's from there)

Lincoln: I'm gommabe make you a present
Lincoln: The orange is ate-en (means eaten)
Lincoln: For Christmas I'm gonmabe give you Arbonne for your present because you love Arbonne..
Maggie: I survey the room

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