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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Handprint Crafts

It was my first visit to the new Stork Club baby group. I used to love going to mommy and baby groups with my first born, but when number two and three came along, it was such a big task to get there on time. Now with number four and on her own at home, it is so refreshing to experience that new baby time and mommy again.

This is a very neat sensory activity for spring time!
Baby Handprint Craft

Flower Petal handprint craft. According to the other resource teacher though, this craft is more appropriate a month from now (say 5 months plus) when they can choose to open the palm more readily (at this age, the reflex is to close the fist upon contact with any object, ie paint!)

Baby Foot Stomp

The flower petal craft should've been done with foot prints! Anyway this is Mary's first foot print. Baby wipes at the ready.

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