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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Gift Mystery

The kids have been intrigued by the magic and mystery of "The Elf on the Shelf" phenomenon.  I managed to snag the highly coveted book and elf gift set after driving across town to Coles at St Laurent Mall.  The premise is that the Santa has a little helper, the elf that reports on the children's behavior, naugthy or nice. The elf doesn't speak, but he listens and watches. He flies to the North Pole everynight, and returns in the morning to a new hiding spot. It's alot of work for mom to come up with new spot every night, huh?

Elf in the news...

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The first day, actually before I bought the book, I already told them about the elf on the shelf. Gifts mysteriously appeared under the tree. All I could say was the elf helped me to wrap them. Maggie and AJ only know of one elf, Green Elf from the keyboard. So she was excited to tell her nanny, that the Green Elf jumped off the keyboard and put the presents under the tree! As well, Christmas lights mysteriously appeared on the backyard patio!

Just adding to the original entry, and Christmas is only two days away! AJ recently told me one night that he didn't want the elf in our house anymore. I asked why and he said that he was scared. Upon further questioning he answered that he didn't like how the elf moved around at night while he was sleeping. Creeper! Anyway I told him that I would tell the elf not to move around so much. On the plus side I only have to find a new hiding spot for that guy once every few days at a time.

Anywayz I wish the elf could help me to make these wonderful treats and gifts. I'd make them and hopefully wrap them before I ate them.

Links for Homemade Treats for Gifts

100 Ideas for the Mishievous Elf.
This takes a lot more work, but a mom has found many creative ideas to keep her kids interested in the tradition. Too cute!

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