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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby's First Valentine

Just when I thought we had finished all the Halloween candy, the kids came home with bags of Valentine loot; mostly dollar store lollipops that their dad made me throw out. Each tiny Valentine carefully written out in the classmates' own writing (or at times the mom) but so cute the Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers, Batman, Sponge Bob and Cars; something to use in the scrapbook page for Valentine because these are all their favorite things right now.  Maggie's friend made this cutest monster valentine with the cutest saying: I've got my Eye on you!
Monster: I've got my eye on you
 Maggie was so happy to present the tulip heart valentine card, and AJ insisted that I  never ever eat the lollipop of the butterfly valentine card. Really cute of her to write Je t'aime mama et papa. (Of course I rescued the card from the recycle bin cuz dad just carelessly tossed it in there, heartless!)

Mary's friends at play group wrote out a few Valentines for her too. So cute,I'm definitely keeping those for her in the baby book. Here is a photo of Mary two months old in her Valentine dress. Actually this is one of the only dresses she's ever worn because she is usually in "pyjamas".

Dollar Store Decor
Back in mid January, I was so happy to see the Valentine decor on sale at Dollarama. I picked up the pink heart table cloth and napkins etc but I just didn't want to spend a dollar on heart garland. Here is my DIY heart garland made from a tri-folded scrap paper, chained together pink and white alternating, and taped to the window sill.  I didn't want to spend a dollar on a giant glittery heart so I used the ones the kids made at school.

DIY Valentine Heart Garland
Lincoln was so happy to see the dinner table decorated like that. "Hey mom, it's a Valentine party dinner!" It was so cute to hear him say "Happy Valentine! I love you Mommee!" This is a photo of him taken by AJ the buddy photographer.

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