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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Danse Masque

The Carnivale week at school for the 100 Days festivities will be packed with many activities including Pyjama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Masked Dance, and a school trip to the movies. I didn't know they would be making masks at school on Monday until I just read the schedule, but we made these masks at home last week..

Materials used: craft foam sheets, foam shape stickers, sequins, left over curl ribbon from gifts, and hot glue. The "Bob l'eponge" mask took the most time and effort. The kids mask templates were found online; I just traced them onto the foam and the back of cereal boxes. Actually I used the cardboard from a box of noodles so the back of the mask is gold. Reversible!

Sponge Bob Mask

Three Easy Steps
1) Trace and cut out the masks (front and back)
2) Use hot glue to attach the handle stick (or do this last)
3) Apply the embellishments.  Use hot glue for the big jobs like the ribbon on the side. White glue for the sequins, takes longer to dry. Do the feathers last after the white glue has dried.

Maggie insisted that we make one for Lincoln too. We worked on this purple one together. She asked me where did I get all these different "formes". That's cute because I know she meant to say shapes, but "formes" is the word for shapes en francais.

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