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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Monart Effect

Have you heard of the Mozart Effect - playing music CD's for your baby, namely Mozart and Bach so he grows up to be an amazing math genius. How about playing music for your kids while they paint and draw! Fun but that's not Monart.  I enrolled my kids in Monart Classes during Spring and Fall 2012. It is a teacher directed group class, developed by the author of the book Drawing with Children by Mona Brooke
First Class, AJ age 3.5

Maggie Age 5
AJ Age 3.5 

Maggie Age 5

AJ Age 3.5

Monart Sketching Excercises

Monart Sketching Excercise
Reverse Art
We moved away and there is no Monart class in this town, but we found a really amazing art studio called Art for Everyone. We signed up for a few drop in classes. I explained to the teacher about the Monart class they were in. I suppose she didn't like that I was over advertising how amazing these kids can draw, but I really liked her response.  "Here we don't judge the final product, it's about the process" (paraphrase)
Masking with Painters Tape

Monsters - Resist Method by masking

Monsters revealed!
Budget Art
The kids inspired me to get creative and try out this method of painting. The same day I rushed out to the dollar store to buy all kinds of painting supplies. Can you guess what I'm painting? Remember that the masked areas will remain white.  As soon as I actually start painting, I'll post my art, good or bad.



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