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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Money Cents

My son loves Math, he doesn't know that he loves it but he certainly does. I know he's only 4 years old and he's my son so I just think he's super smart because he can do "adding and minus-ing" as he calls it.  (Though my husband the over achiever said that in Hong Kong and most of Asia, children his age know the multiplication table by heart to 12x12). Anyways... he'll spend half an hour at his desk in his room, working on a  math worksheet, be it addition or subtraction, that comes with a colour by number activity.  Of course he could be motivated by earning the 20 minutes of ipod time on weekends only.

He's also very interested in money and identification of the currency. What a great and tangible way to encourage or reinforce so many math concepts - counting my fives, trading pennies for dimes and dimes for loonies (working with tens) etc.

I was able to teach him the "value" of money. For example
Penny - what can I penny buy these days?
Nickle - one plastic bag at the store or one jellybean
Quarter - one Timbit
Loonie - one coffee
Twonie - one hamburger
Five dollars - one Happy Meal
Ten dollars - a Pizza

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