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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fifty Shades of Poo

Talking about reading material for the loo, here's a good toddler book that explains all the different shades of it. ``Everyone Poops` by Taro Gomi. It was a baby shower gift for my first child and will certainly make the rounds for the fourth.  It is a book about poo and the different shapes, colours, and smells of poo from different animals. It really demystifies the topic. There's an adult version of this too as I will soon explain.



Ever seen a public bathroom with signs posted about not throwing paper towels into the toilet, or only placing toilet paper in the toilet. Or how about not stealing the toilet paper because it is a crime?

Well the ladies bathroom (for adults) at my son`s daycare has the most signs I have ever seen posted in one place at a public bathroom. There is enough reading material for any kind of emergency, no need to bring a book or magazine.

There`s a sign for how to install a new toilet paper when the first one runs out (please and thank you included), how to not miss the garbage can, how to wipe off the seat.

Another sign for what to do if it gets plugged up, and also a friendly reminder about putting the seat down, which I don`t understand because it`s a ladies bathroom. There is also a sign about how to wash your hands (that one is posted near the sink).

One day, I noticed a new sign that wasn`t there the day before. The sign was a very interesting health topic, but I found it perplexing that someone would find the time to print it out and actually post it. Well why not. The sign was called something like ``Colour and Shape of Poo, What it Means``


I want to track down a copy of this sign, though a google search will tell you plenty enough so I won`t repost it here. On this same topic though, I find it strange when folks on facebook talk about the shape and colour of their kids`poo, or worse their own. One time my friend ate red beets and described the after effects. Another time, a friend with a new baby did not know about muconium and was unnecessarily concerned about the black tarry substance.

I suppose kids are interested in analyzing their materials too, such as what happened the other day to Lincoln. Potty training has been going quite well for him since we moved. I think it helps alot that I was home with him and we have a more regular schedule, plus I`m sure they`ll helping him at daycare too. So they other day after dinner, he had to do his usual business. We read his favorite poo book, by Taro Gomi. He can probably read this book, or rather memorize it word for word.

Well this time, after finishing the book, he stood up, took a look at the pile beneath him and said, ``It`s a castle, a brown and green one" Someones been eating lots of veggies!

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