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Saturday, January 5, 2013

O Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas Tree Crafts that are easy to make with readily available materials from home. Of course these were all made at school or daycare, so precious as keepsakes. The kids decorated our Christmas tree this year with homemade ornaments collected over the years, so I've included photos of other Christmas crafts too.
Popsicle Stick Tree

Christmas Tree Makeover
This year we swapped trees with my sister in law.  Previously in Ottawa, we used the Christmas tree that my husband's family had since their first Christmas in Canada. We've only decorated with the original ornaments, none of them matching, some homemade and some souvenir gifts over the years; plus a string of programmable LED blinking lights a la disco. I also secretly hated setting it up because the stand was a bit too tricky for me, and I just longed for something newer. I even tried to sell at the forums at work and the used goods website. I figured that there wouldn't be enough room for a big tree in our new house, plus with all the little hands touching the ornaments I was worried about having a tall tree come crashing down. I opted to take my mother in law's smaller fibre optic pre-lit tree.

Fibre Optic Pre Lit
It was a good thing that I didn't sell the family tree because I ended up storing it temporarily at my new sister in law's house. She did something very amazing with the tree this year, you wouldn't even believe it was the same tree! Take a look at the Before and After shots.  I think their "new tree" is Christmas Card perfect, minus the crook from "Home Alone 2"


Shapes Collage, AJ

Glitter Tree, Linc

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