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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2013, Looking Back 2012

Happy New Year! It's that time of year again to recount the blessings and biggest stories of 2012 in our family.

1. A Child is born unto the Tang Family in the City of Belleville
Her name shall be Mary Dea, beautiful, amazing, lily, goddess. Dea is latin for goddess; her Chinese name is Mei Li. Mei is beautiful, the writing of Li is TBA. Undecided between lily or amazing. Just in time for a Mary Christmas, her name was decided on the car ride to the hospital.

2. Mission Impossible (3) Completed
Brian and Deb sneak out to watch two movies together - Avengers and Skyfall. Deborah watches Dark Knight Rises on day 3 of the opening.

3. The big move to the small city
Two days of packing, two days or unloading; every item is accounted for.  New school, new church, new identities - the kids now go by Margaret and Adrian, with a French accent...

4. Two big weddings on two continents
Brian's brother gets married at Majestic Elegance in the Dominican Republic; we take all the kids on a wonderful beach resort vacation. Lincoln screams in terror at the ocean while AJ is deep asleep on the beach chairs on the first day, Maggie and Deborah splash in the waves wearing  bikinis.

Deborah's sister gets married in Calgary; a wonderful visit to see two great-grandmas, grandparents and extended family. Got to see my sister ride the roller coaster at Calaway Park in her wedding dress!  And I photo bombed the perfect shot on the Swing of the Century.

5.  The North Pole in Summer
Brian's makes a special trip to Canada's Northern-most settlement. He told Maggie and AJ that he could send a special message to Santa; he comes back with photos of giant ice cubes and really tall angry rabbits.

6. Maggie meets the Disney Princesses at Disneyland Asia.
It is her first trans Atlantic journey to Hong Kong with Brian.  She comes home and teaches AJ how to speak Chinese.

7. Deb completes a Ukranian Psanky Easter Egg and a Triathlon
Three hours of work for one good egg, and an afternoon of tea and cakes with 6 powerful women from work just in time for Easter.  Deb also competed in her first Triathlon in June; clarification, it was a mini triathlon relay with two friends from work. Deb ran the 3km distance, the other two guyz did the 100m swim and the 13km bike ride, and placed third overall.  Not too bad considering our age category...

8. Maggie and AJ master the daily routine of writing 1 to 100 and beyond plus math drills.
Instead of chinese school and piano, we opted for 4 months of intensive math camp.  Tears were shed when they found out that we didn't register them for Kumon nor Monart class nor ballet, soccer or swimming in Trenton.  That's dedication and they are still keen to do a bit of "homework" every night.

9. Maggie and AJ teach Lincoln some powerful language in French
"Ne touche pas!!"
Maggie and AJ also figure out how to spell four letter words, but why is this piece of art dedicated to dad?

10. Lincoln starts daycare
Many great memories from his friends in Ottawa, new friendships in Trenton.

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