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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Talk

The World According to Preschoolers (continued)

Some day it will inevitably come up that I will have to give the complete answer to my kids questions about where do babies come from. For now, they have bits and pieces of true and factual information but not quite the entire picture for obvious reasons because I choose to give age appropriate answers.

While parking our car in the packed church parking lot, we saw a family walking by with seven kids all under the age of 7 for sure. I blurted out in shock, "Wow that mom has seven kids!!" and my daughter heard me and she spoke out in shock as well, "What? Why did that mom eat so much food?"

I had to laugh because I realized that her understanding of human reproduction at this point was asexual, though incorrect.

Known Facts

Humans are mammals.  She's seen me pregnant three times already, and how I went to the hospital with a giant belly and returned home with a wee little baby.

I have a belly button because I was attached to my mommy with the umbilical cord.

The deal with the egg and sperm, joining up to make a zygote, embryo, fetus and baby etc.

The mom has the egg, the dad has the sperm.

Boys have penises, girls have vaginas, for peeing.

People usually have kids after they get married, so according to her I got married four times!

When you eat a lot of food, your tummy gets really big and fat. As well, when the mommy eats, the baby inside gets big and strong.

Therefore, the mom surely ate a lot of food to grow 7 children! Well no matter which way or how it happened, seven children sounds pretty scary to me!

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