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Monday, March 25, 2013

What Did Mommy do Today?

Today was a day different than most school days because Maggie and AJ were home sick with coughs and sniffles; not a terrible kind of sick but enough to make AJ take a rest in bed for most of the morning and for Maggie to use up boxes of Kleenex's.
Easter Crafts - Dollar Store

AJ used to believe that a no-school day would be like a Saturday with access to the ipod, wii, unlimited movie and TV time (a mistake I might've made in the past). However I wanted this day to be a bit more structured and it turned out almost like a school day with me as the Teacher and these two trouble makers as knowledge seekers. To top it all off, I even had time for a short nap and to do some work too.

0630h Wakeup
0730h Breakfast done; Brush Teeth and Change Clothes
0745h Play time (usually that is the time to get into boots and Snow pants)
0805h Keep playing (usually that is the time to start walking to the bus stop)

0900h TV Time 45 min (I already asked them to wait till 9am for once! I fed the baby and took a little nap)
1000h House Chores with little helpers! I even changed the batteries on the smoke detectors and replaced some light bulbs that blew.
1100h Math and Games Time (Bee Hive Game - tens, counting by twos, quantities) and a Pizza in the oven!
1130h Crayon Art and Free Sketching
1145h Science Experiments - making a hypothesis, observations, and a conclusion. (This could be a whole new post, but Maggie was verifying that magnets only stick to metal surfaces and not anything else)

1200h Lunch
1300h more Crayon Art and Free Sketching
1330h Play time
1400h Movie Time 45 min (they watched a cartoon story about the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ, while I fed the baby and prepped dinner, printing work sheets)
1500h Snack Time
(1530h School Bus arrives on a normal school day)
1600h Easter Crafts (Mary's classical music CD is playing)
1700h TV Time 30 min (gives me some time to cook and setup dinner)

1730h Dinner Time/ Snacks/ Fruit
1830h Play Time
1900h Bath Time/ Story Time
1930h Baby Sleeps
2000h Kids Sleep/ Fold Laundry/ Pack Kids Lunches

2100h Practise Piano 1 hour
2200h Night Routine/ Computer time
2300h Lights Out (until little people start waking up)

And that's a really good day without too much yelling, screaming, fighting or crying. We covered everything including a bit of Math, Science, Arts and Crafts, countless wholesome snacks, and even some Religion. Not sure if I could do that everyday and run a home school! I would've liked to fit in some music time and a French movie or book.

I feel like I need to rewrite the words to that poem, "What did you do Today?" since that's the same question my husband asked me today when he came back home from work.

0830h Piano practise for Mommy
0900h Piano Lesson for AJ and music writing
1000h Professional Development

Noon Lunch
1300h Kid Chefs! (AJ helps me make the meat loaf)
1400h Movie Time
1500h Reading
1530h Pickup Maggie from the Bus
1600h Snack Time/ Play Time
1700h TV Time

My goals that day were to fit in the piano lesson for AJ that we've missed for ages, and to really minimize the TV time. That used to be a problem for me but I realized that I just had to engage him to work on tasks together, such as cooking dinner and that really made the hour pass by so pleasantly!

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