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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are you Soccer Mom enough?

I've heard enough recently about Jamie Lynn Grumet, the breastfeeding and attachment parenting mom on the cover of Time Magazine cover again with her toddler son sucking her boob, this time with her husband and older child looking on. Not judging, except that maybe she could send her son to soccer camp to play sports with kids his own age instead of playing with boobs all day.

That being said, I stumbled upon this image of a really hot looking soccer mom, the first hit searching for images on the word "Mom" of all things. Here's a small collection of soccer moms of all types. Which kind are you?

The Hot Soccer Mom
Image Source
Wow. As a mom, busy with a full time, trucking kids around to piano lessons and sports practises, plus preparing really wholesome meals and snacks for kids, how does a woman find the time to work out, beautify and mystify and keep that up? Aspire... I suppose on the other hand,  how could you not be sexy for yourself if you are really happy with your life. Plus I suppose if mom looks like her and dad looks like Thor, well there will just naturally be a soccer team full of kids in the family.

The Pistol Packing Soccer Mom
Image Source: CNN

Who needs to bring a fully loaded gun to a kids soccer game? Only in America, but to protect yourself and your children from what? Another pistol packing packing soccer mom? Insane how tempers could flare up, and clashes with coaches, refs and other parents could get out of hand.  In some of the more serious soccer leagues with the older children, parents are forbidden on the soccer field. In the event of a sports injury, the moms have to wait for the first aid responders to bring the child off the field before they can check on their own kid. Makes sense if people are carrying around guns.  Seriously, chill out! Sadly this mom met an unfortunate end with the pistol packing soccer dad.

The Designer Diaper Bag Soccer Mom
Image Source: Celebrity
This is Denis Richards toting along the whole gang to watch the big sister play soccer.  A really supportive mom and dad team. Just pointing out the really trendy diaper bag because there's a lot of equipment to bring along with all the kids snacks, milk, diapers, extra clothes, shoes, water, Gatorade, and everything else that goes in there.

The Olympic Soccer Mom
Image Source

A mom who really plays soccer.  Mia Hamm of Team USA (retired) played in four FIFA Women's World Cups and three Olympics; winning gold in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.  She is the mother of twin girls and a boy.  Mia Hamm's advice for girls, parents and coaches - "Just be their parent" among other pearls of wisdom and reflection in this interview.  "As a parent myself, I can pay other people to do their job in terms of coaching my kids. I don’t want anyone but me and my husband to be their parents." These are really powerful words.  Her kids are probably in soccer but I get the impression that she lets them choose their passion.

The Texting Ninja Soccer Mom
I've seen someone like her at the park with the kids, walking down the street, at a school function, juggling groceries to the car, but hopefully not texting while driving. Someone with mad thumb texting skills but always hunched over the iphone.  Are live streaming of Facebook and Twitter updates more important than keeping the eyes on the kids? Don't miss the soccer game or your little girl making the winning goal cuz you were too busy texting.  Pay attention to your real life as it happens, not life online! (I couldn't find a texting picture but this one is crazee! Taken from another savvymom storyteller blog)
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Christine said...

Loved this post. Sadly (or maybe happily), I don't fall into any of these categories. I have seen all of these types of moms though, even the hot soccer mom (granted she wasn't in a bikini at the game, but I'm sure any chance she gets, she is). And to be honest, if I had her body, I might be too.