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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The UnSuspected Existence

I read the story about Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh of Team USA who was five weeks pregnant during her gold medal match and didn't really know it for sure at the time. She played her best and held nothing back, even barely wondering herself why she was feeling grumpy and moody at times.  And what about the woman who miraculously survived after falling from an airplane while skydiving with a faulty chute; she landed in a hay patch only to discover she was actually four months pregnant, and the eventually delivered a healthy baby girl. Tough chics! And the teenager who accidentally delivered her baby into a toilet at Walmart and just walked away without flushing, while another patron and paramedics were able to revive the baby back to normal.  And of course, the recent story about the British infantry soldier in the frontlines of Afghanistan who gave birth suddenly when she thought she simply had stomache pains. And the men were left wondering, how could she not know she was pregnant?

Well I can't answer the part about how someone would not know she was pregnant, cuz it's always been blatantly obvious to me. There's no denying that a slithering and kicking creature is growing inside my belly, and I'm not fat because I'm eating too much (though according to my daughter that is how babies are made, when mommies eat too much so the egg becomes a baby). Too cute, I'll explain peripherally what happens when she really asks.

How did I first figure out I was pregnant?  This is baby number four in production right now, so on some days this is quite a frightful picture I have in my mind what my life will be like very soon.

My firstborn one month old.

Basal Temperature Experiment

For baby number one, it was the first time I heard about a basal thermometer and I was very curious about the tracking of basal body temperatures and I just wanted to verify for myself if the textbook fertility chart example was indded true during a regular menstrual cycle. I was not necessarily trying to conceive, I just wanted to establish a baseline graph for myself in a normal situation. Anyways, halfway through the month I saw the characteristic dip and then the expected rise in basal temperature but it continued to stay up! I thought that was rather wierd but I didn't think much of it. My periods are usually very regular and I seem to have a six sense based on certain body functions or food cravings that my period is coming up very soon. That day came and went and I started to think, what if  this is true? That was the same week I was travelling to Hong Kong on a trip without my husband. Well I waited a week but I think I already knew the truth by then. Not sure if my food aversions or hyper sensitivity to certain asian food smells were real or imagined, but I bought two pregnancy tests at the local supermarket and used both to confirm what I already knew. I called my husband on the phone right away and he was rather speechless.
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First period appears once

I became pregnant with baby number 2 when my firstborn was about 6 months old.  I got my period back shortly before that and I remember thinking that it was wierd I didn't the second period on time.  I didn't think too much of it because I was told that while breastfeeding a newborn, the period is sometimes irregular. Anywayz I think it was way too long so I  commented about this to my friend who adamantly suggested that I should do a pregnancy test. I wanted to buy one at Shopper's Drug Mart but the price was rather excessive for something you just pee on so I went to the doctor instead (to see if I could get a free pregnancy test). However, she sent me for an ultrasound, and there it was a pulsing, blinking bright little dot that was the heartbeat of baby number 2.  The ultrasound also gave a very accurate prediction for the due date. So my number one and number two are 15 months apart.

Too much Christmas Eating

Probably on the same day my husband returned home from Afghanistan, I'm pretty sure something happened (wink). Anywayz a month later close to Christmas time, I also noticed that my nails were growing longer and faster, my hair did not clog up the bathtub after each washing and that my pants were getting a little snug. What was even more annoying was the older ladies at church were asking so are you having another baby? Woah, way too early to be even showing so I'm gonna just say they were politely telling me I looked fat or just hurry up and get on it.  I suspected that it was the Christmas eating, but then I started to wonder, well why am I late?  I wore a very tight and unflattering shirt and even my friend I only see once a year asked me if I was pregnant. I had to laugh and say no way! Well I waited till after Christmas and I bought the pack of two tests and used one. I accidently peed on my hand too so that was gross; and then shortly after Maggie turned 3 and AJ turned 2, there was the baby brother!

The Big Give Away

Fast forward nearly 18 months.  I had just given away all my baby stuff - the bouncers, the crib, the car seats, high chair, strollers, baby onesies, blankets, bibs, infant toys, baby swing and baby gym toys.  I gave away the maternity clothes and I was about to chuck the nursing bras. I even threw out the second unused pregancy test cuz why would I ever need it again.  Well it was February and I was enrolled in women`s swimming lessons. I didn`t want to miss my lesson because of girl problems so I bought a giant pack of best value tampons (never used them in my life until that day). I had the expectation that nothing should stop me from swimming ever, so I might as well just go big at Costco. Anyway the next month came and went and I am still stuck with the giant pack of tampons. My friend who has advised me of my possible pregnancies previously (even before I told my husband) told me that Dollarama has pregnancy tests for a buck or two. So on the same day as my 35th birthday I confirmed this with a $2 test.

Expect the Unexpected

I`m gonna go with my theory on pregnancy test kits, they are only useful for confirming something you already know, so the pregnancy test kit from Dollarama will be just as good as the digital clear blue one with all the fancy features like "know it before your missed period" for $19.99

Seriously though, I do not mean to make light of the seriousness of conception. Every life is a miracle. Things may seem to happen by chance, but I also believe that all of my children were created by God for me and my family as part of His plan. And I am very thankful for the new baby on the way.

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