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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eye Candy

The first time I saw Pandora bracelets, I had thought, wow why would I want to spend that kind of money on really expensive beads and charms? However after seeing them everywhere, they are growing on me.  Moments, each charm representing a moment or a memory, customized.

I received a lovely piano teacher gift from my students - the Iconic Pandora Gift - Clasp bracelet with two S clips in sterling silver with one music note dangle charm (not the one shown here! This one pictured complete is probably worth $2000)  Well now I'm hooked! I admit that I haven't quite shelled out $40 for a single Pandora murano glass bead, nor $300 for something filigree gold with Swarvoski but I did find all kinds of competitive products, some compatible some not.  I found Loulou Bijoux at Scholar's Choice for $7.99 each. Those make great teacher gifts too!
Image Source: Pandora
I stumbled upon Trollbeads while searching for Jade elements actually.  Tartooful writes an amazing blog about her bracelets, and the beads representing something from an exotic globe trotting voyage somewhere.  What is your eye candy or current fixation at the moment?

Image Source: Tartooful
Image Source: Loulou Bijoux

Image Source: Etsy

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